Another End

It has been 15 years that I have shared my life with such a wonderful soul, and it looks like it is coming to an end.

Bandit has been with me ever since I adopted him at the Seal Beach Shelter. My family and I had recovered from the loss of our previous dog, Axel, who developed a horrible condition where his white blood cells were attacking his system. After quite some time we felt we were ready to bring in another family to the Tomlinson clan. It was the middle of December when we went on this quest trying to find a dog. Each shelter was more heartbreaking after the next, and we would put our name down for several dogs only to find out that the person before us came through. I couldn’t get mad since all the animals were being adopted, but still. I wanted to find my friend.

We went a little out of our city and drove to Seal Beach Shelter, a very small establishment. There were only two rows of kennels filled with dogs, maybe a total of 20 dogs. If I had the room and money I would have adopted all of them.

We were walking down the last row and most of the dogs were already being adopted or not available…then towards the back I hear this high pitched whining. Most would probably be deterred from this, but I was curious. As I get to the back I see a Labrador/ German Sheppard with the name of Bo. He had one ear stuck straight up and the other was floppy, the face of a German Sheppard, and the body color of a Labrador. He was jumping up and down and doing that high pitched squeal. No one put their name down for him, and as I read on it told his story:

Bo was left by the tar-pits, but no one knew how long. He was covered in tar and had a huge fear of other dogs. A super energetic boy who loved to play.

I knew he was the dog for me, especially after playing with him. I changed his name of course to fit the mask that covered his face, Bandit. Bandit had his problems though from whatever his previous owners did to him. He was afraid of several things such as paper, people talking loudly, and rain/thunder. Also, he had separation issues from his abandonment.

It took a very long time for Bandit to trust me. Every time I left I would tell him, “I’m coming back and I love you.”

This has been our relationship for the last 15 years. Our friendship is being snuffed out though due to age. Bandit has severe arthritis in his hips and muscle deterioration in his legs. For his 14th year we have been fighting it with medicine to slow the process, but within the last month he hasn’t been doing well. He has his good days and bad days, but the bad days are out weighing the good. I am writing this blog because tomorrow I might have to put my friend down. He cries and hurts, and doesn’t walk sometimes. I don’t know what else to do, or how to slow this down anymore. I want know for sure though until he goes to the vet, but I can tell his time is coming to a close.

So why write this? This message I hope gets to Bandit’s previous owners who abandoned him at the tar pits. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I have a feeling you people were not nice to him. I hope you never owned a pet after him because I fear of how you would treat them, and know Bandit is better off.

We broke his fears and gave him so much love. Bandit has travelled with me, and shared my lowest and highest moments. A wonderful 4 legged friend. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that.  bandit

I am going to miss my best friend…I love you Bandit.

Muslim Internment Camps?

The men who associate themselves with the extreme Muslim law have been doing horrid things in the East for quite some time now. The American news media has been sharing these terrible acts and has been fueling many fires, the fires of hate, fear, and sadness. I am surprised the U. S has not done anything since we usually jump in on acts of terror.

Anyway, the fires of hate, fear and sadness have created something in the U.S. that I have seen first hand which is hate crime and discrimination. Attacks of Muslims or people who resemble those from the culture have been assaulted with fists as well as words. I saw an assault of words when I was shopping at a Best Buy. One of the cashiers, who was Indian, was helping a man check out. The man got angry over the price and then began doing racial slurs towards this cashier and, I quote, “Why are you even allowed to work here towel head”. The man yelling racial slurs was stopped by my boyfriend, who was friends with the cashier, and was able to escort the angry customer out.

Many will say that this is an isolated incident, but isn’t that how all bad things begin?

This is a history recap for those who were asleep during their classes, for those who know skip to the next paragraph. Back in WWII the U.S did not get involved with the war until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. After that act of terror the U.S. became very paranoid of the Japanese, which is understandable, but they were paranoid of the Japanese who called America home. The Japanese Americans were sent to Internment Camps where they lived in horrible conditions due to the fear that was spreading. It did not matter how nice the Japanese-Americans were because fear took over.

The fear from WWII I believe is going to come back, but towards the Muslim religion. Many people of the U.S. do not realize that the people in the East are extremist and not all Muslim people want to create harm. I have friends in the Muslim faith and they are not violent. The world is dealing with an EXTREMIST group, and any extremist group is not a good group. They take things above the law and create chaos.

I am wondering when the world is going to make the call to exterminate or banish the Muslim religion due to the few who have gone out of control. I am seriously worried about some form of internment camp that will be created here in the U.S. for those who live on our soil. I have heard the fear in peoples voices as they talk about this group and they will mutter things like, “we should just bomb the whole East” or “we should ban the Muslim religion”.

Times may be scary right now, but do not let the actions of the few speak for the whole people.

Hollywood Fails Again

It has been harder and harder for me to get excited about the movies coming out to theaters. One way or another Hollywood seems to butcher it up with bad casting, not following the original story, or not being original in general. When Transformers came out I was so excited because I grew up on the cartoon, but when I go to watch it in the theater it was such a disappointment. It seemed to be all about the humans when it is supposed to be about the TRANSFORMERS! Same thing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Twilight, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc.

This time though Hollywood you have gone too far. You messed with my favorite princess…Belle. I loved Belle growing up as a child. She loved books and I love books. She was different from the other women, and she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. My role model. So, you (the readers) can imagine how excited I was to hear about the upcoming movie of Beauty and the Beast in 2016. I immediately looked up the cast and was beyond ecstatic about the line-up. Emma Watson, one of my favorite actresses, is going to be Belle and Chris Hemsworth as the Beast. The list went on and on of great actors and actresses.

I log onto the computer today, and guess what pops up on my news feed… “Beast to be played by Dan Stevens”. I literally roared with anger after reading this. Hollywood…you had the perfect cast, so why change it?

There will be no excitement from me about any movies from here on out.

Rottweilers Are Like Giggles

The other day I was laughing extremely hard to the point of poor air flow, choking and suffocating on a laugh. What a way that would have been to die. Then there are those really good giggles that warm you up and keep you happy. It had me thinking of a controversial issue that I have had to deal with my whole life, my rottweiler’s.

My family and I have always raised rottweilers because of their loyalty and they are big dogs. I like being able to lay on my dogs and play with them, without thinking I am going to break them. Go big or go home, right?

During these years of raising this breed I have received a lot of negative feedback of stereotypes that were probably spewed from an ignorant person in their life. Some of these statements have included, “you have a baby killer right there” or “it looks so mean and it will attack me at any moment.” It is almost hilarious how uninformed people are when it comes to animals.

Many think that only certain breeds of dogs will attack a person, and people need to realize it is not the breed but who has trained them or those who have hurt them. When I was in middle school I was attacked by a Labrador. A LABRADOR. The friendliest dog breed ever and it attacked me. This was a family friends dog, and I had grown up with it. Unfortunately, their neighbors had been abusing the dog, so when I was alone with the dog he thought I was going to hurt him. (We didn’t know he was abused until the parents of the kids that was abusing the dog told us the next day after it attacked me)

This goes to show that any breed of dog is capable to hurt people. It depends on their owner and the people around the dog.

My rottweiler, Tattoo, would never hurt a thing…except squeaky toys, he hates those. But there are people who believe he will hurt them with a glance.

Tattoo 2

Another issue when having this breed, or other “ferocious” dogs, is the people who try to provoke the animal so they can get a settlement. When Tattoo was a puppy, we wanted to socialize him with other dogs so we would take him to dog beach. At this time Tattoo was only 6 months old. (Look up how big a 6 month old rottweiler looks like). There was a man on the beach with another dog, who clearly had no control of his animal. His dog was barking , not the friendly playful bark, but a warning/ aggressive bark. Even though his dog was displaying this on the beach he let the dog loose and it ran straight for Tattoo. It began biting him ferociously, and my poor baby was crying. My dad is a big buff man and he was able to separate the dogs. My dad also went to go beat the man for letting his dog loose on our dog. The man’s response was, “Your dog attacked mine! Your dog is too dangerous and should be put down!” My dad gave that man a piece of his mind, but we realized that Tattoo could never leave our house because people saw him and thought of a money opportunity.

Sadly, Tattoo has also been provoked while we were at home. The mailman we had would throw things at him after he delivered are mail. I caught the mail man doing this one day, and I threatened him. Not a proud moment in my life, but the poor dog can’t even leave the house because people are so selfish. We received a new mail man that is much nicer to Tattoo and they are nice acquaintances.

There are rottweilers that are mean, because some people breed that aggressiveness for dog fighting. Sadly, some people get the bad end of that breed. But I welcome anyone who is afraid of rottweilers to come to my home and meet a loving dog. All he cares about are laser lights and food. Tattoo is my good giggle, since he makes me laugh every day.Tattoo .

If I had one wish it would be…taking Tattoo to a park where he won’t be attacked by other dogs or people.

Side Note: This post can also relate to those who have Akita’s, Pit Bulls, German Shepard’s, Doberman, etc.

Generalization, the Form to Insure Hate

This topic could be categorized under the stereotypes discussion I posted earlier, but generalization is a bit different.

Generalization is a statement  based on a set of observations and experiences of a few and yet claims to hold either true/false for a group, even for the cases that have not been seen or experienced. Thus making generalization theoretical and, to some extent, uneducated. As for a stereotype, it is a subset of generalization, which is a bit more specific.

As of late there is a lot of anger that is being misdirected, which has caused more problems than the actual issue.

I was walking in a home depot store and stood in the paint section looking at the variety of colors for a possible project when I heard raised voices. Peering down the next aisle I see a darker skinned man who looked to come from the middle east and another man who looked aggravated. The man who was aggravated said in a flat voice, “why don’t you go bomb a school or something,” then left. I was horrified!

Another person generalizing a group based off the actions of a few. I cannot express how tired I am of the idiocy and narrow-mindedness that people have displayed recently.  If the world wants change, we as a greater intelligent race should act like it by looking beyond the trivial. Not all Muslims are terrorists.

I understand that humans are in fear of the issues that occur in the world, but attacking others with needles hateful generalizations are not going to solve the problem. In fact, this action will cause more problems.

As the movies and your parents told you as a child, “You are what you make yourself to be.” No one is the same, so don’t treat them as if they are.

Feminism…over kill?


I like this movement that women are more independent; especially after listening to my grandmother talk about how she grew up. Back then, you were told you were weak just because you were a woman.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, too many women proclaim feminism and yet I see them playing the fence of a feeble woman. What disgusts me even more so, is after they get their way with a man they go back to being a feminist.


Example of Not Being a Feminist

A few of the feminists I have run into are very contradicting, even more so in Humboldt County. I had a very aggravating argument with a girl there that went something like the text below.

Me: You believe in equal rights for everyone?

Girl-no-sense: Of course I do! Everyone should be treated equally no matter what and not be deemed equal because of what society says.

Me: So…what do you expect out of a man?

Girl-no-sense: Umm, what does my dating preference matter?

Me: Just play along.

Girl-no-sense: Ok. I want a gentlemen. Who treats me right. Respects me and cares for me.

Me: Lets say he doesn’t pay for your dinners and you pay them.

Girl-no-sense: He is a freeloader then.

Me: What is that called when you don’t pay for it?

Girl-no-sense starts screaming about how she never does that and avoids question.


I love making people who choose a “side” and see if they can defend it and the girl couldn’t. She was biased. Sadly, I see this a lot in extreme feminists. They expect something from men and do not realize that action contradicts what they stand for, which is equality. I hear these girls using sex as leverage against men, that they condone the abuse of women but not men, they play the weak standard that was placed on women when it best suits them, and everything is sexist if a woman’s picture is on it.

The worst part is when a man doesn’t open a door and I hear a girl say, “chivalry is dead”.

Are you kidding me? You are an empowered woman and you can’t open a door for yourself?

If you are going to label yourself to an action group that stands for equality you better darn well stick to every aspect of it. You are a woman, so you can open a door. You are a woman and have a job, you can pay for dinner sometimes. By women acting this way we are never going to be fully considered equal but just a mockery of contradiction and sexist.

Today’s women have taken this word and used it to support their revenge on whatever doesn’t please them.

I’m getting real sick and tired of it.

I can’t say I’m a feminist without dealing with the horrible backlash you have caused.


Examples of Being a Feminist

Go to a bar and buy a beer for a guy. Hold a door open for a man. When a man buys you flowers, by him flowers. Last, but not least, when a man tells you to make him a sandwich, go make the sandwich; THEN tell him to go make you one. If we can’t joke at one another then it isn’t equality. (Note: if he doesn’t make the sandwich leave him there and go get sushi. WINNING)

Conflicting Views of China

I’m sure a majority of you have heard of the Dog Festival that takes place in China. If you haven’t it is where they round up dogs and slaughter them. I can already feel the anger from the animal lovers reading this, so let me just say HOLD ON!

This is where the Culture Busting comes in. I am a HUGE dog lover raised with dogs since I was a newborn to my current age. I could never imagine someone taking my dog Bandit and eating him, but as I’ve said in a previous post this isn’t a culture norm in the United States. Our culture norm is fish, cows, pig and chicken. You have to remember as a person who is trying to be open minded that other countries find our food just as appalling.  Sure we don’t eat dogs, but that is just something we don’t do here.

For China this is something they have done for quite a long time (could even be hundreds of years). Surprisingly it is illegal over there too, but many argue that it is custom. This is where it gets tricky. As a woman who tries her best to respect other cultures, even if I don’t agree with them, these people do have a right to go through with this festival.

My feelings are split for the love of dogs and upholding other cultures traditions/customs. Who are we to come in and tell them they can’t do this? But all those cute dogs! It is a difficult issue and all I can say is I am glad I don’t have to make decisions regarding this festival.

The only advice I could give is this: If Americans REALLY want to get involved the only thing you can do that is respectful for the culture and save the dogs is to send out non-profit organizations to bring the dogs here. I feel that is the only way to handle this situation without getting too deeply involved with the culture.